The Art of Photography

Taking photo’s these days is so much more than just a quick snap, the whole set up takes time, deciding on settings, angle, position, lighting, etc takes time. But even after that, there are always edits to make in the after process.

There are very few photo’s that come out as a perfect shot instantly, even if it’s just a quick tweak of the shadows, or the clarity, or even just a crop, it’s still an edit.

Recently I’ve been out to a number of places taking photo’s, and now the folders are piling up awaiting editing. Admittedly not always my favourite part of the process, but on the whole a very satisfying part.

Poppy Fields & Bad Weather

I decided to take a trip out to a local field, only 5 minutes drive, which this year is covered in poppies. I only spotted it a few days ago, and its about 7 years since i last saw one in the local area. Sadly the weather at the moment is a bit of a let down. Rain & overcast skies don’t make for a good photograph in general, but i thought a quick trip to see how the land lays wouldn’t be a bad plan. After taking over 40 shots, i only came out with around 2-3 shots to work with, but I know that once the sun makes a reappearance i can venture back and hopefully get some more photos.

Places To Go

Photography to me is about the subject, and how many different ways you can photograph it to capture the best angle, the best lighting, the best of the subject.

To do this, a lot of it is about travelling to the places that offer the most fascinating subjects. A lot of the time it’s difficult to find time to go to these places, and they can become once in a lifetime opportunities. But there are a few places that are easy to get to, and wonderful places to visit!

North Yorkshire Moors Railway


One of the 6 surviving A4 Pacific Engines, Bittern was designed by Nigel Gresley for the London and North Eastern Railway in 1935. Built in 1937.

This shot was taken during a visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, a steam preservation line running from Pickering to Whitby. Bittern was a guest engine in 2012 visiting this fabulous line.

For photographers, the NYMR offers so many opportunities for enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike.

For me, photographing Steam Trains is a real favourite past time, and I really wish I had more time to do it.